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Advertised Tenders
Tender NoTender Description Date AdvertisedCompulsory Briefing SessionClosing Date
ProposalProposal for the review of annual financial statements and audit support for 2016/17 FY22/05/201731/05/201723/06/2017
On AdvertProcurement of Miniature Substations15/05/201716/05/201702/06/2017
On AdvertAdvert - Proposal for the Review of Ba Phalaborwa Spatial Development Framework10/04/2017On Advert02 & 03/05/2017
On AdvertTender Notice and Invitation to Tender 2016/2017 FY25/01/2017On AdvertOn Advert
On AdvertTender Notice and Invitation to Tender21/11/201622 & 23/11/201607&08/12/2016
On Advertadvert benfarm upgrading of street 2016 2017 financial year25/08/2016On Advert
18-23/2014Advertisement of Tenders24/03/201607/04/201622/04/2016
 Registration on Suppliers Databases15/03/2016 21/04/2016
 Supplier Database Forms 2015/201615/03/2016  
 Supplier Database Declaration of interest15/03/2016  
28/2014Supply and Delivery of a Backup Generator26/02/201609/03/201630/03/2016
15/2014Erection of steel palisade fence at namakgale cemetery26/02/201609/03/201330/03/2016
 Tender Notice22/02/201624/02/2016 &
18/2014Supply and Delivery of Personal Protective clothing for a period of three (3) years01/12/201503/12/201517/12/2015
19/2014Upgrading of electricity line at extension 101/12/201504/12/201515/12/2015
20/2014Refurbishment of substation01/12/201504/12/201515/12/2015
21/2014Supplier of premix01/12/201502/12/201517/12/2015
22/2014Electronic Document Management System01/12/201503/12/201518/12/2015
23/2014Construction for stormwater Culverts at Maseke ward 1001/12/201502/12/201518/12/2015
08/2014Upgrading of Internal Streets at Foskor24/08/201524/02/1519/03/2015
Tech 6(a)Construction of Stormwater Culvert in Makhushane Ward 224/08/201525/02/1520/03/2015
Tech 6(b)Construction of Stormwater Culvert in Maseke Ward 1024/08/201525/02/1520/03/2015
Tech 6(c)Construction of Stormwater Culvert in Kanana24/08/201525/02/1520/03/2015
Tech 4(b)Rehabilitation of Street24/08/201526/02/1523/03/2015
Tech 2Purchase of OV-11kV Cable Tester Fault Locator24/08/201527/02/1524/03/2015
Tech 3Installation of 1.2km 99mm2 CU 11kV From School sub to Spar24/08/201527/02/1524/03/2015
Tech 6(a)Construction of Stormwater Culvert in Makhushane Ward 224/08/201525/02/1520/03/2015
ProposalProposal of the Preparation of the GRAP Compliant Assets Register, Correction of Prior Period Errors and Review of Annual Financial Statements for a Period of 3 years24/08/201523/02/1518/03/2015
15/2014Erection of steel palisade fence at namakgale cemetery20/08/201526/08/1514/09/2015
16/2014Electrification of Matiko Xikaya and biko village20/08/201526/08/1515/09/2015
17/2014Provision of service to the waste disposal site for a period of (3) years20/08/201527/08/1516/09/2015
12/2014Topville to score street paving20/08/201522/06/1514/07/2015
15/2015Selwane multi sport complext20/08/201522/06/1514/07/2015
14/2015Upgrading of Benfarm street20/08/201522/06/1514/07/2015
08/2014Proposal for Valuation Roll 2016 -2019 Financial year 20/08/201515/07/1408/08/2014
ProposalProvision of Security Services ,Guarding services and Alarm System for a period of Three (3) years 20/08/201516/07/1411/08/2014
08/2014Upgrading of internal streets at foskor 20/08/201524/02/1519/03/2015
Tech 6(a)Construction of stormwater culvert in makhushane ward 2 20/08/201520/02/1520/03/2015
Tech 6(b)Construction of stormwater culvert in maseke ward 10 20/08/201525/02/1520/03/2015
Tech 6(c)Construction of stormwater culvert in kanana 20/08/201525/02/1520/03/2015
Tech 4(b)Rehabilitation of street in Ba-Phalaborwa(Lulekani, Namakgale & Phalaborwa Town) (Turnkey) 20/08/201523/03/1520/03/2015
Tech 2Purchase of 0V-11kV cable tester fault locator 20/08/201527/02/1524/03/2015
Tech 3Installation of 1.2km 20/08/201527/02/1524/03/2015
Tech 3Proposal for the preparation of the GRAP compliant Assets Register,Correction of prior period errors and review of annual financial statements for a period of (3) three years 20/08/201527/02/201524/03/2015
01/2014Upgrading of Internal Streets at Foskor in Namakgale24/08/201505/03/1428/03/2014
02/2014Upgrading of B1-Extension Road in Lulekani24/08/201505/03/1428/03/2014
03/2014Mashishimale Multi Sport Complex24/08/201505/03/1431/03/2014
04/2014Tambo Street Paving24/08/201505/03/1428/03/2014
05/2014Benfarm Subsoil Drainage24/08/201505/03/1431/03/2014
ProposalProvision of Security Services, Guarding Services and Alram System for a Period of 3 years24/08/201517/07/1411/08/2014
ProposalProposal for Valuation Roll 2015-2019 Financial Year24/08/201515/07/1408/08/2014
ProposalProposal for Date Cleansing24/08/201519/08/1405/09/2014
ProposalProposal for ICT Strategic Plan24/08/201520/08/1408/09/2014
ProposalProposal for review of the annual financial statement correction of assets Register on all Movable ,WIP and infrastructure Assets in terms of GRAP 1720/08/201523/02/1518/03/2014
10/2014Tambo street paving20/08/201516/09/1403/10/2014
11/2014Mashishimale sport complex20/08/201516/09/1403/10/2014
08/2014Upgrading of internal streets at foskor20/08/201516/09/1403/10/2014
09/2014Upgrading of B1 Extension road in lulekani20/08/201516/09/1403/10/2014
Tech 6(a)Construction of stormwater culvert in makhushane ward 220/08/201515/09/1402/10/2014
Tech 6(b)Construction of stormwater culvert in maseke ward 1020/08/201515/09/1402/10/2014
Tech 4(b)Rehabilitation of street in namakgale(Turnkey)20/08/201515/09/1402/10/2014
Tech 4(a)Rehabilitation of street in phalaborwa (Turnkey)20/08/201515/09/1402/10/2014
Tech 4(c)Rehabilitation of a street in lulekani (Turnkey)20/08/201515/09/1402/10/2014
Tech 2(a)Purchase of 0V-11kV cable tester fault locator20/08/201517/09/1404/10/2014
Tech 3(a)Installation of 1.2km 95mm2 PILC CU 11KV from school sub to spar20/08/201517/09/1404/10/2014
Tech 3(b)Installation of 2km 185mm2 PILC CU 11KV from Ext 6 sub to school sub 20/08/201517/09/1404/10/2014
ProposalProposal for Data Cleansing20/08/201527/08/201415/09/2014
ProposalProposal for ICT STRATEGIC PLAN20/08/201526/08/2014 16/09/2014
10/2013Tambo Street Paving29/08/201311/09/201303/10/2013
ProposalProposal for Banking Services for a period of five years14/02/201418/02/201422/04/2014
ProposalProposal for Provision of Actuarial Valuation, Post Retirement, Health Care and long service awards for a period of three years14/02/201419/02/201417/03/2014
ProposalProposal for correction of assets register on all movable, WIP and infrastructure Assets in terms of GRAP 1714/02/201419/02/201417/03/2014
ProposalProposal for determination of provision amount of the land fill site for a period of three years14/02/201419/02/201417/04/2014
ProposalProposal for Provision of the value added tax reconciliation and Recovery for a period of three years14/02/201419/02/201417/03/2014
13/2012Designs for extension of Ba-Phalaborwa Municipal Offices14/02/201420/02/201418/03/2014
16/2013Maintenance of Municipal Lapa14/02/201420/02/201418/03/2014
01/2014Upgrading of Internal Streets at Foskor in Nanakgale27/02/201405/03/201428/03/2014
02/2014Upgrading of B1-Extension road in lulekani27/02/201405/03/201428/03/2014
03/2014Mashishimale Multi Sport Complex27/02/201405/03/201431/03/2014
04/2014Upgrading Tambo Street Paving27/02/201405/03/201428/03/2014
05/2014Benfarm Subsiol Drainage27/02/201405/03/201431/03/2014
09/2013Upgrading of Patamedi Street Paving28/09/201311/09/201303/10/2013
11/2013Benfarm Subsiol Drainage28/09/201312/09/201304/10/2013
12/2013Upgrading of Extension 7 Substation ,Strengthening of Selati main & Extension 7 Substation28/09/201312/09/201304/10/2013
ProposalProposal for Organising Marula Festivities 2014 12/09/201316/09/201315/10/2013
ProposalProposal for security equipment & Installation in the municipal buildings   18/10/2013
ProposalProposal for Valuation Roll 2015-2018   22/11/2013
ProposalProposal to Organise the 2014 marula festivities10/01/201415/01/201431/01/2014
16/2013Supply and Delivery of Pre mix material (cold Mix ) for a one year10/01/201415/01/201414/02/2014
17/2013Erection of a new Palisade Steel fence at Ba-Phalaborwa Municipal Offices22/01/201431/01/201420/02/2014
18/2013Purchase and installation of backup generator07/02/201412/02/201413/03/2014
01/2012Roads & Stormwater Master Plan24/08/201523/08/1203/09/2012
02/2012Rehabilitation of Streets in Namakgale24/08/201523/08/1205/09/2012
03/2012Honnieville to Topville Street Paving24/08/201522/08/1218/09/2012
04/2012Phalaborwa Taxi Overhead Walkway Bridge24/08/201524/08/1211/09/2012
05/2012Phalaborwa Upgrading of Taxi Rank Facilities24/08/201524/08/1211/09/2012
06/2012Installation of Enegry Serving High Mast24/08/201522/08/1218/09/2012
07/2012Selwane Upgrading of Streets From Gravel to Paving Phase 124/08/201523/08/1204/09/2012
08/2012Refurbishment of Overhead 11kV Line From Selati to Ext.5 Substation (2.7km)24/08/201521/08/1203/09/2012
09/2012Refurbishment of 11kV Overhead Line to Air-link (1.5km)24/08/201521/08/1203/09/2012
10/2012Supply & Delivery of Tar Patching Material (Cold Mix) on a 1 year Contract24/08/201520/08/1205/09/2012
11/2012Strengthening of Selati, Main and Ext.7 Ring Feed24/08/201523/08/1204/09/2012
12/2012Upgrading of Ext.7 Substation (Design of Substation Building and Panels)24/08/201523/08/1204/09/2012



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