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Approved Tariff Book 2016/17
Asset Management Policy 2016/17
Budget Policy 2016-17
Cash Management and Investment Policy and Procedures 2016/17
Customer Care Policy & Service Standards 2016/17
Electricity By-Laws
Electricity Supply by-laws for Ba-Phalaborwa Municipality
Fleet Management Policy 2016/17
Indigent Consumer Subsidy Policy and Principles 2016-17
Land Use Application By Law
Bad Debts Write Off Policy Review 2016/17
Credit Control and Debt Collection and Consumer Care Policy 2016/17
Deposit Policy 2016/17
Detailed Report on Mscoa with Milestones
Payroll Policy 2016/17
Petty Cash Policy 2016-17
Property Rates By-Law
Property Rates Policy 2016/17
SCM Policy Ba-phalaborwa 2016/17
Subsistence and Travelling Policy-2016/17
Tariff Policy-2016/17
Tariff By-Law
Virements Policy 2016/17
Electricity By-Laws 2014-15
Electricity Supply by-laws 2014-15
Fleet Management Policy 2014-15
Land Use Application By-laws
Property Rates Policy 2014-15
Subsistence and Travelling Policy 2014-15
Tariff Policy 2014-15








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