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Request for Quotations
FileRef NoTender DescriptionDate AdvertisedClosing Date
Water MeterRequisition for Meter Water PVC 14/12/2018 28/12/2018
134020BACK PACK BAG AND LONG LOCK UP CABLE.pdf 04/12/2018 14/12/2018
129298Removal of Illegal Traders 30/11/2018 11/12/2018
128080MIMECAST 30/11/2018 11/12/2018
EL40ELECTRICAL 40-61 30/11/2018 11/12/2018
129381Requisition for bulldozer hiring for 100 hours 27/11/2018 07/12/2018
129379Requisition for cold mix asphalt bags REF 129379 27/11/2018 07/12/2018
129380Requisition for cold mix asphalt bags 27/11/2018 07/12/2018
136251Cold mix asphalt 16/11/2018 21/11/2018
136254Bitumen Emulsion spraying machine 16/11/2018 21/11/2018
136255plate compactor 16/11/2018 21/11/2018
136253Tar Cutter 16/11/2018 21/11/2018
133118tyres grader 2 16/11/2018 21/11/2018
133117Tyres grader 16/11/2018 21/11/2018
133113Tyres 16/11/2018 21/11/2018
Paper WhitePaper White 13/11/2018 21/11/2018
REFUSE BAGSRefuse Bags 13/11/2018 21/11/2018
Toilet PapersToilet Papers 13/11/2018 21/11/2018
EL18/19:37Supply and Delivery of CABLE 120MM 3CORE XLPE 11KV 09/11/2018 20/11/2018
96753Supply of chemical reagents as per attached list for Phalaborwa Plant 05/11/2018 12/11/2018
96754Supply of chemical reagents as per attached list for Namakgale Plant 05/11/2018 12/11/2018
110378Bio-catalyst for bacteria supplement for Phalaborwa Plant 05/11/2018 12/11/2018
110379Bio-catalyst for bacteria supplement for Lulekani Plant 05/11/2018 12/11/2018
135166Six(6) Air Conditioners 02/11/2018 09/11/2018
135165Inverter air conditioner plus installation 02/11/2018 09/11/2018
135167Cabling of Flea Market Office 02/11/2018 09/11/2018
127950Miniature Substation 02/11/2018 09/11/2018
135167Office Furniture 02/11/2018 09/11/2018
Parks and Cemetries 02/11/2018 09/11/2018
132346Photos and Calenders 02/11/2018 09/11/2018
Spray Painting 02/11/2018 09/11/2018
9664TLB Hiring 02/11/2018 09/11/2018
127846Facilitator to faclitate the Ba-Phalaborwa Strategic Planning Session 18/10/2018 29/10/2018
132347Diaries for 2019 17/10/2018 26/10/2018
127846request for quotation for Venue to hold the strategic planning 11/10/2018 22/10/2018
134695Lipped Channel 04/10/2018 16/10/2018
134696Manhole 04/10/2018 16/10/2018
134697Paints 04/10/2018 16/10/2018
128125Training First AID Level 2 04/10/2018 12/10/2018
128130Training for Computer Literacy 04/10/2018 12/10/2018
132343Chains 02/10/2018 12/10/2018
129371Construction of speed humps 02/10/2018 12/10/2018
134434Gabion Stones 02/10/2018 12/10/2018
129368Hiring of excavator 02/10/2018 12/10/2018
134436Laser beam 02/10/2018 12/10/2018
134438Mower 02/10/2018 12/10/2018
132343Newsletter 02/10/2018 12/10/2018
134443Planting bags 02/10/2018 12/10/2018
128576Supply and delivery of PPE 02/10/2018 12/10/2018
133592Supply and instalation of alarm system 02/10/2018 12/10/2018
129369Tipper Truck 02/10/2018 12/10/2018
134433Topsoil 02/10/2018 12/10/2018
128129Training BID Commitee 02/10/2018 12/10/2018
128131Training Customer Care 02/10/2018 12/10/2018
128127Training Incident Investigation 02/10/2018 12/10/2018
128123Training OHS Corparate Services 02/10/2018 12/10/2018
128128Training TLB Operator 02/10/2018 12/10/2018
134627Tyres for hino truck 02/10/2018 12/10/2018
EL18/19:15electrical Cables 26/09/2018 05/10/2018
134426Equipments for parks 25/09/2018 03/10/2018
EL18/19:26Cable 25mm x 3 core CU 25/09/2018 28/09/2018
127944Traffic led lights 21/09/2018 28/09/2018
133592Alarm system 21/09/2018 28/09/2018
135160HB chairs 21/09/2018 28/09/2018
135161Airconditioners 21/09/2018 28/09/2018
136173PA System, Sound and Stage 18/09/2018 26/09/2018
135004Request for quotation hiring of cranetruck 13/09/2018 25/09/2018
96864Request for quotation hiring of TLB 13/09/2018 25/09/2018
129365coldmix asphalt bags @ 25kg 13/09/2018 25/09/2018
129366EPWP Uniform 13/09/2018 25/09/2018
134427Erratum Landscaping for Veldewy Park 13/09/2018 25/09/2018
134683Guard house 13/09/2018 25/09/2018
134626Tyres for Hino 13/09/2018 25/09/2018
134626Tyres for TLB 13/09/2018 25/09/2018
134576Tyres for Truck 13/09/2018 25/09/2018
CM18/19:05Cleaning material 13/09/2018 20/09/2018
CM18/19:06Cleaning material 13/09/2018 20/09/2018
GE18/19:05Refuse Bag Heavy Duty 40 Microns 13/09/2018 20/09/2018
96864Request for quotation hiring of TLB 14/09/2018 26/09/2018
GE18/19:06Toilet Paper 500 sheet Premium Quality 13/09/2018 20/09/2018
TerminationTermination Kit 13/09/2018 20/09/2018
127942Maintenance of mini-substation 315kva testing oil rewinding, performing all tests 05/09/2018 14/09/2018
EL18/19:15Cable 70/3 PILC 11 KV CU 04/09/2018 12/09/2018
134012Laptop Bags 14/09/2018 05/09/2018
128131Training RFQs 29/08/2018 07/09/2018
134430CHAIN 23/08/2018 31/08/2018
12812265 Seater Luxury Coach 23/08/2018 29/08/2018
127935Main substation 21/08/2018 29/08/2018
132830Valuation of Biological Assets that complies with GRAP 27 15/08/2018 24/08/2018
132829Valuation of Investment Assets 15/08/2018 31/08/2018
129363Hire Bulldozer for Streets Opening 14/08/2018 20/08/2018
134424Hiring of Excavator 17/08/2018 24/08/2018
96752Supply of Chemical Reagents 03/08/2018 16/08/2018
96753Bio-catalyst for Bacteria Supplement 03/08/2018 16/08/2018
134659Supply of Goods and Services 03/08/2018 16/08/2018
134678Supply of Goods and Services of Covers 03/08/2018 16/08/2018
134427Landscaping for veldewy par 07/08/2018 15/08/2018
EL18/19:07Lamp 1000 watts son -T 06/08/2018 14/08/2018
EL18/19:08Pole concrete 06/08/2018 14/08/2018
128070Anti-virus Licence 06/08/2018 13/08/2018
128072Microsoft Exchange 2010 SSL Certificate 06/08/2018 13/08/2018
128069Cyberoam Licence Renewal 12 Months 06/08/2018 13/08/2018
134574, 134576, 134573, 134577Tyres and Branding 31/07/2018 02/08/2018
EL18/19:03, EL18/19:04Mini stubby 3CR 12 complete 1600mm and Fitting 26/07/2018 03/08/2018
134483Annual Report Book Collated with Gloss 20/07/2018 31/07/2018
132339Orange Cones, Safety goggles, Hand gloves (Dromex GTIG-ECONO SIZE) and Workman ahead sign 600mm 17/07/2018 25/07/2018
132339A4 15 Pages Newsletter Printed Glossy Paper 17/07/2018 25/07/2018
132599blankets 13/07/2018 19/07/2018
133984Hiring excavator 12/07/2018 20/07/2018
127936Din Metering 06/07/2018 18/07/2018
127936Streets Lights 06/07/2018 18/07/2018
134011Laptops 03/07/2018 16/07/2018
133581Supply & Installation OF CCTV 03/07/2018 29/07/2018
96669TLB needed for assisting water section to repair tasks leakages around Ba-Phalaborwa ward 3 (Majeje) 20/06/2018 29/06/2018
128068Self-support Lattice Tower and Installation 20/06/2018 29/06/2018
133084Bags Cold Mix Asphalt 20/06/2018 29/06/2018
133085Crusher Dust 20/06/2018 29/06/2018
134668Palisade Panel 4020x2.4 x3.6m 20/06/2018 29/06/2018
133089Road stones 21/06/2018 04//07/2018
133088Drums of CAT 65 21/06/2018 04//07/2018
133793Litre Geysers and Twin pack Valves 15/06/2018 25/06/2018
133793Cascade Full Clamps 15/06/2018 25/06/2018
134003Wireless Access Point Indoors 15/06/2018 25/06/2018
133793Supply and Install 90% shade cloth, colour Red/Terracotta 15/06/2018 25/06/2018
134003Supply and Delivery of Goods 15/06/2018 25/06/2018
128067Call center network as per the attached specification 01/06/2018 08/06/2018
128065IT 31/05/2018 08/06/2018
96656Hiring of Excavator for blocked sewer in Lulekani 21/05/2018 30/05/2018
126959Traffic road marking 18/05/2018 30/05/2018
134005Hiring of Audio and Video conferencing system 18/05/2018 25/05/2018
129199Control Unit for UD Truck 11/05/2018 21/05/2018
134655Service Kits for municipal vehicles as per the attached spec 11/05/2018 21/05/2018
134452Soccer jersey as per the attached specification 04/05/2018 15/05/2018
129087locker unit 04/05/2018 15/05/2018
134455mayoral soccer challenge 04/05/2018 15/05/2018
WS1 7 / 1 8 :4 1WS 20/04/2018 07/05/2018
EL1 7 / 1 8 :4 1 EL 20/04/2018 02/05/2018
126363Traffic uniforms 20/04/2018 03/05/2018
PS1 7 / 1 8 :4 1paper a4 19/04/2018 02/05/2018
GE1 7 / 1 8 :4 1refuse 19/04/2018 02/05/2018
128113Request for POPI a Training in respect of 25 learners in house 19/04/2018 30/04/2018
132332A4 15 Pages newsletter printed gloss paper and stappled collated finish size 420/297mm cover art (gloss) 170g M2 for march 2018 19/04/2018 27/04/2018
132332A4 15 Pages newsletter printed gloss paper and stappled collated finish size 420/297mm cover art (gloss) 170g for march 2018 19/04/2018 27/04/2018
129473Slurry puppy with a tractor to pull the slurry puppy fo 80hrs 13/04/2018 19/04/2018
13441410 Litres turf marking liquid white colour 11/04/2018 19/04/2018
132332NEWS 12/04/2018 11/04/2018
1294762000 Bags of Asphalt Coldmix 11/04/2018 18/04/2018
129474Construction of speed humps 11/04/2018 18/04/2018
129473Slurry puppy with a tractor to pull the slurry puppy 11/04/2018 18/04/2018
129044Replace of Rear AXLE Brakes for Terex TLB 28/03/2018 09/04/2018
110376BIO Catalyst 20/03/2018 29/03/2018
134410CHAINS 20/03/2018 29/03/2018
134409CHEMICALS 20/03/2018 29/03/2018
110371Chlorine Gas 20/03/2018 29/03/2018
134408Debushing - Bollanoto stream 20/03/2018 29/03/2018
134405Debushing - Harris stream 20/03/2018 29/03/2018
134407Debushing - Park stream 20/03/2018 29/03/2018
134406Debushing - Soetdoring 20/03/2018 29/03/2018
110373Digester 20/03/2018 29/03/2018
110375Micro-biological bacteria 20/03/2018 29/03/2018
110374Micro-biological bacteria.pdfGravelotte 20/03/2018 29/03/2018
134411PURCHASING OF PLANTS 20/03/2018 29/03/2018
110372Removing rags 20/03/2018 29/03/2018
129472TIPPER TRUCK 20/03/2018 29/03/2018
129472VALVE SPIGOT 20/03/2018 29/03/2018
133961VJ COUPLING 20/03/2018 29/03/2018
129195BTU maintenance 22/03/2018 03/04/2018
129275Refuse removal compactor 22/03/2018 30/03/2018
GE17/18:40Tissues 14/03/2018 23/03/2018
129094Supply and Install semi-frameless Pirot Shower Doors with Frosted Obscure Tempered Glass 01/03/2018 15/03/2018
133069HOTMIX ASPHALT 01/03/2018 15/03/2018
126482Refuse remover 19/02/2018 27/02/2018
127833Marquee Tents 12/02/2018 20/02/2018
133851DATA CLEANSING 16/02/2018 26/02/2018
Dance movement festivalDance movement festival 12/02/2018 20/02/2018
Catering jazz festivalCatering jazz festival 12/02/2018 20/02/2018
Catering jazz movement festivalCatering jazz movement festival 12/02/2018 20/02/2018
128571Servicing of fire extinguishers 14/02/2018 19/03/2018
129003Palisande paint 15/02/2018 22/02/2018
129004Roof paint green 15/02/2018 22/02/2018
127828Catering 14/02/2018 20/02/2018
127826Decoration for gala dinner 14/02/2018 20/02/2018
96521Plumber tools with tool box 13/02/2018 19/02/2018
127928Landis ang Gyr Split pre-paid meter single phase 12/02/2018 21/02/2018
133057Ring main unit (RMU) T3 Outdoor 11KV 12/02/2018 21/02/2018
133056Supply, delivery and offloading of Cat 65 02/02/2018 12/02/2018
133057Supply, delivery and offloading of cold mix 02/02/2018 12/02/2018
133058Supply, delivery and offloading of crusher dust 02/02/2018 12/02/2018
127816Marula build-up 02/02/2018 07/02/2018
128384AIRCON 29/01/2018 01/02/2018
126481Truck Hire 24/01/2018 31/01/2018
133283Tyres 24/01/2018 31/01/2018
133284Tyres for TLB installation 18/01/2018 26/01/2018
128720Toners 12/01/2018 25/01/2018
128719Toners 12/01/2018 25/01/2018
133055Cold Asphalt 10/01/2018 19/01/2018
129344Engineering Services 10/01/2018 19/01/2018
126804Debushing 09/01/2018 16/01/2018
128569 Medical Survellinace 08/01/2018 17/01/2018
126479 Hire of equipment 18/12/2017 29/12/2017
129024 Building section 17/12/2017 19/12/2017
128534 Training 07/12/2017 19/12/2017
129355 13,2mm roadstones 04/12/2017 12/12/2017
129026 Dual Pump control panel starter 04/12/2017 12/12/2017
129025 Submersible sewage pump 04/12/2017 12/12/2017
126867 Chainsaw 04/12/2017 12/12/2017
126869Lawn Mowers or push mowers 28/11/2017 06/12/2017
126870Brush Cutters 28/11/2017 06/12/2017
126871Ride on mowers 28/11/2017 06/12/2017
127878Request for service of Air Conditioners 28/11/2017 06/12/2017
12837136000BTU eco friendly air conditioner 28/11/2017 06/12/2017
129354Hiring a dozer or excavator 28/11/2017 06/12/2017
126478 Hire of a refuse removal compactor truck 22/11/2017 30/11/2017
127144 Newsletter 22/11/2017 30/11/2017
129011 Flat wrap razor wire 22/11/2017 30/11/2017
129353 Hire Tipper Truck 22/11/2017 30/11/2017
129191 Split Pre-Paid Meter Single Phase 16/11/2017 24/11/2017
133271 Tractor Tyres 15/11/2017 23/11/2017
133272 Tractor Tyres 15/11/2017 23/11/2017
126882 Steadfast for termites killing 14/11/2017 23/11/2017
129009 IRB roof sheets 14/11/2017 23/11/2017
129010 Renovation of flea market 14/11/2017 23/11/2017
129012 Supply and install Municipal Flags 14/11/2017 23/11/2017
126581Facilitate planning session 14/11/2017 23/11/2017
see documentPlanning and development 14/11/2017 See document
133551Erratum - Services on MSCOA and data migration 13/11/2017 20/11/2017
133551Request to procure professional services on MSCOA and data migration review for internal audit unit 09/11/2017 24/11/2017
9652Water 09/11/2017 10/11/2017
132409Uniform 03/11/2017 14/11/2017
96512Water 31/10/2017 10/11/2017
96505Free blockages 02/11/2017 10/11/2017
96505Removal of sands 02/11/2017 10/11/2017
96509225mm PVC Pipe 02/11/2017 10/11/2017
129186129186 Trailers 02/11/2017 10/11/2017
129187129187 6 tie-down ring holders to tighten luggage for trailers 02/11/2017 10/11/2017
PS17/18:18papers white 30/10/2017 07/11/2017
133267Tyres 30/10/2017 06/11/2017
129181Water 27/10/2017 06/11/2017
126474Hiring Of Refuse Removal Compactor Truck 25/10/2017 31/10/2017
127239Speed hump and Danger plates road signs 19/10/2017 27/10/2017
128342Laptops 19/10/2017 27/10/2017
128344Scanner 19/10/2017 27/10/2017
128345GIS Laptop 19/10/2017 27/10/2017
128346Repairing, installation of sound and video conference system 19/10/2017 27/10/2017
128347Online viewing and emailing of BPM statements 19/10/2017 27/10/2017
132305Diaries 19/10/2017 27/10/2017
133260Tyres 19/10/2017 27/10/2017
129180Excavator 10/10/2017 19/10/2017
128529Trainings 04/10/2017 13/10/2017
129172Supply of bacteria supplement 02/10/2017 11/10/2017
129173 Supply chlorinators 02/10/2017 11/10/2017
129174 Removal of sand and grit 02/10/2017 11/10/2017
129175 Chlorine Gas Cylinders 02/10/2017 11/10/2017
129178 Steel rods for sewer 02/10/2017 11/10/2017
129179 Plumbers tools with tods box 02/10/2017 11/10/2017
12845912 Meter self support lattice tower03/10/201712/10/2017
127349 Binding of IDP Budget and PMS Book22/09/201702/10/2017
EL17/18:5Cable LT PVC 10MMx2 CORE18/09/201729/09/2017
126863Hire Equipments12/09/201721/09/2017
126864 Hire equipments12/09/201721/09/2017
126865 Hire Equipments12/09/201721/09/2017
126866 Hire Equipments12/09/201721/09/2017
127238 Tiles12/09/201721/09/2017
126472Hiring of Refuse Removal Compactor11/09/201721/09/2017
133008TLB Tyres and Catridge11/09/201713/09/2017
129420 ErratumTreated Poles Erratum11/09/201713/09/2017
129123Coach phalaborwa to middleburg11/09/201718/09/2017
129120Sports Uniform05/09/201713/09/2017
127240Treated poles29/08/201707/09/2017
127241127241 Structural engineer to design stormwater culverts29/08/201707/09/2017
127242CAT65 Drums 29/08/201707/09/2017
127243Roadstones 100m3 of 9mm29/08/201707/09/2017
127244Crusher dust29/08/201707/09/2017
127245SS60 Emulsion drums29/08/201707/09/2017
127246Hire Tipper Truck29/08/201707/09/2017
 RFQ for Tyres for a Hino Truck22/03/201728/03/2017
 RFQ for Tyre for a Hino Truck07/10/201613/10/2016
 RFQ for Tyres for a Tipper Truck 28/06/201604/07/2016
 RFQ for Safety kits for vehicles16/09/201622/09/2016
 RFQ for Repairs on a Hino Truck Bucket system10/01/201716/01/2017
 RFQ for Repairing the hydraulics and bucket system of the truck22/08/201628/06/2016
 RFQ for Purchasing and Installation of emergency yellow lights on bakkies04/05/201704/07/2016
 RFQ for Fixing of the bucket system of the truck30/05/201705/06/2017
 FRQ for Purchasing and Installation of emergency yellow lights on bakkies/td>16/09/201710/05/2017
 RFQ for Tyres for a TLB28/06/201604/07/2016
 RFQ for Fixing of the hydraulic system pipes for a Truck30/08/201615/09/2016
 RFQ for Fixing of the hydraulic system lifting the tipper of the Truck30/05/201707/06/2017
 RFQ for Branding _Stickers and writings on the vehicles28/06/201604/07/2016
 RFQ for Panel beating work and fixing of the Nissan Almera10/01/201716/01/2017
 RFQ for Tyres for a Dipper Truck 13/06/201710/06/2017
 RFQ for Wheel alignment for 63 vehicles08/03/201714/03/2017
 RFQ for Repairing of a Truck bucket system14/03/201720/03/2017
 RFQ for Panel beating and fixing of a tractor04/11/201610/11/2016
 RFQ for Repairing of a Truck hydraulic system22/08/201620/08/2016
 RFQ for Spray Painting of a Hino Truck02/12/201615/12/2016
 RFQ for Full safety kits for 30 vehicles Include fire extinguisher06/10/201616/01/2017
 RFQ for Graders Tyre28/06/201604/07/2016
 RFQ for Panel beating of the Bakkie29/11/201605/12/2016
 RFQ for Provision of Tyres29/06/201605/07/2016
 RFQ for Repairing the Truck Bucket and hydraulic system02/11/201608/11/2016
 RFQ for Repairs on the truck Hydraulic system Bucket system18/11/201624/11/2016
 RFQ for tyre 105_44020/11/201626/09/2016
 RFQ for Tyres for a TLB28/06/201604/07/2016
 RFQ Spray paint17/02/201723/02/2017
 RFQ Tyre for Tractor27/01/201702/02/2017
125166355 PVC pipe01/03/201714/03/2017
CM17/18:1Cleaning Materials21/08/201730/08/2017
132913Deeds Search17/08/201724/08/2017
132911Valuation of Biological assets17/08/201724/08/2017
126184SA pine 38 x 114mm x 66m16/08/201723/08/2017
126185Silver Post16/08/201723/08/2016
126186Diamond Mesh16/08/201723/08/2016
126182 Coral Etna Tiles11/08/201727/08/2017
127114 Stage and sound14/08/201722/08/2017
prepaid meter verification form11/08/2017 
128619 Veeam backup renewal11/08/201718/08/2017
128620 exchange server11/08/201718/08/2017
128618 cyberoam subcription11/08/201718/08/2017
133002 Tyres for Grader04/08/201715/08/2017
126465 Removal of illegal dumping03/08/201710/08/2017
126183 Phalaborwa Cemetry Fencing03/08/201716/08/2017
128331 Anti-Virus Licence Renewal28/07/201715/08/2017
126180 Demolish and Remove Existing Waterproofing23/06/201704/07/2017
132904Auctioneer Erratum06/06/201715/06/2017
132904132904 Auctioner01/06/201712/06/2017
127228Engineering Services26/05/201707/06/2017
126164Labour for Emegency Doors26/05/201707/06/2017
127228Road Sign26/05/201707/06/2017
127226Treated Poles22/05/201701/06/2017
126165EPWP Uniform22/05/201701/06/2017
128836-re advertisementUniform Traffic17/05/201726/05/2017
valuationActuarial valuation of employee benefits16/05/201729/05/2017
landfill restoration costDetermination of provision of landfill restoration cost16/05/201729/05/2017
127904KPL 10 10AH 1.2V CELL16/05/201729/05/2017
129160129160 trailer & 129159 holders to tigheten luggage16/05/201729/05/2017
129062supply of goods/ services09/05/201720/05/2017
129256Fire arm safe04/05/201716/05/2017
128836-re advertisementTraffic officers uniform05/05/201717/05/2017
128836Uniform traffic04/05/201716/05/2017
128834Discountinue notice book04/05/201716/05/2017
128564Medical surviallance04/05/201716/05/2017
110448,110447 and 110446Sewer pump04/05/201716/05/2017
127925Cost of supply report04/05/201716/05/2017
126160Swimming Pool24/04/201708/05/2017
127333Binded Annual Report11/04/201721/04/2017
126851 Hiring of equipments07/04/201718/04/2017
12831812 meter Self Support Lattice Tower07/04/201718/04/2017
Stationary Paper blank A4 80GSM WhiteStationary Paper blank A4 80GSM White04/04/201713/04/2017
General Refuse Bag Heavy Duty 750mm x 950mmGeneral Refuse Bag Heavy Duty 750mm x 950mm04/04/201713/04/2017
Specification for Palisade Fence at FOSKOR BOOSTERPalisade Fence at Foskor Booster04/04/201714/04/2017
ERECTION OF NEW PALISADE FENCE FOR: LULEKANI TOWN HALLPalisade Fence at Lulekani Town Hall04/04/201714/04/2017
129151Fire Hydrant head03/04/201712/04/2017
129058Building Material29/03/201710/04/2017
Pipes 200mmPipes 200mm27/03/201706/04/2017
129056installation of palisade fence24/03/201705/04/2017
128316internet connection24/03/201705/04/2017
110443Removal of Sand22/03/201703/04/2017
110444Unblocking of Settling tanks22/03/201703/04/2017
127867PVC Pipe22/03/201703/04/2017
110443Erratum - Electrical22/03/201703/04/2017
128831Section 341 Books22/03/201703/04/2017
110444Unblocking of Setting Tanks22/03/201703/04/2017
Electrical 17 - Splicing Kit ScotchErratum - Electrical16/03/201728/03/2017
128312Requisition for Website IT16/03/201727/03/2017
CouplingEPWP Uniform21/11/201602/12/2016
126145EPWP Uniform15/03/201727/03/2017
Water 1Water Items RFQ09/03/201720/03/2017
General Broom Fibre HardBroom Fibre Hard02/03/201717/03/2017
Electrical 11 Gallery porcelainElectrical02/03/201714/03/2017
126158Requisition for ball valve cobra03/03/201710/03/2017
126158Requisition for RUBBERIZING OF MAYORS PARLOUR03/03/201715/03/2017
125196Cleaning Material03/03/201715/03/2017
125199Cleaning Material03/03/201715/03/2017
125197Cleaning Material03/03/201715/03/2017
Cleaning Material 1Cleaning Material24/02/201710/03/2017
Electrical 1 BallastElectrical Items24/02/201710/03/2017
Toilet PaperTissues24/02/201710/03/2017
127640100% Polyester Golf Shirt27/02/201707/03/2017
129054Lockable Lid23/02/201707/03/2017
126322Personel Lockers23/02/201707/03/2017
127215Crusher Dust22/02/201706/03/2017
127217Repair of Culvet22/02/201706/03/2017
127214Road Stone22/02/201706/03/2017
126149Civil Enginners16/02/201728/02/2017
110442Dosing Equipment16/02/201728/02/2017
127908Service of Component16/02/201728/02/2017
126645Catering for gala dinner13/02/201722/02/2017
126644Decoration for gala dinner13/02/201722/02/2017
CementCements 50KG, SABS Certified13/02/201722/02/2017
127316A4 (15) pager newsletter layout and design photo Graphy .gloss paper and stappled collaed finish size 40*297mm cover power art (gross) 170 g/m207/02/201717/02/2017
125040Ride on mowers 17/02/2017
126300Road Signs07/02/201717/02/2017
127866Hiring of excavator and lowbed to open stream07/02/201717/02/2017
125441Steel open shelving unit LT 1910*914*305 5 shelve unit07/02/201717/02/2017
127275Fixing the ridging of thatch roof and leak for less than 20m2 and 15mm of ridge07/02/201717/02/2017
127277250*250mm ceramic floor tiles to cover 160m2 nikita grey 07/02/201717/02/2017
128436Ward Commitee07/02/201717/02/2017
127314Binded Annual Report with Councillors Photos and Glossy Collated Cover(in a book form)07/02/201717/02/2017
125039Chain Saw07/02/201717/02/2017
128432Handle and use Hand Gun Training07/02/201717/02/2017
129306Sewr Pump10/02/201722/02/2017
129309Spare Parts10/02/201707/22/2017
125470Specialised GIS Laptops07/02/201717/02/2017
128563Servicing of Fire Extinguishers, Hose Reels and Celling Units07/02/201717/02/2017
96494Soil poisoning for termites02/02/201714/02/2017
96493VIP toilet trailer02/02/201714/02/2017
128305Wireless radio link as per attached spec30/01/201709/02/2017
128874Supply of deco24/01/201703/02/2017
128873Supply of Strech Tent24/01/201703/02/2017
128871Supply of Traditional Dancers24/01/201703/02/2017
124423Purchase of fire arms23/12/201609/01/2017
124423Renewal of veeam backup23/12/201609/01/2017
126143Geotechnical laboratory requested for DCP test for 20km street in Phalaborwa (town)22/12/2016 
127902Dvp 12 SA11R 24VDC PLC22/12/2016 
110438Removal of sand at ana-erobic tank and anoxic tank +/- 60 tons (m3) (additional work)13/12/201623/12/2016
127903Repair 650m 11kv overhead line12/12/201622/12/2016
126156Removal of damaged fibre glass and installation of new with 8.4m*5.5m and 1.5m deep09/12/201621/12/2016
125024Pump Fountain09/12/201619/12/2016
125029Garden Crashed stones09/12/201619/12/2016
125031Lawn Mowers09/12/201619/12/2016
125032Brush Cutters09/12/201619/12/2016
125033Brush Cutters Blades09/12/201619/12/2016
125034Ride on mowers09/12/201619/12/2016
125035Honda HRJ 19609/12/201619/12/2016
125036Hunters Popup Sprays09/12/201619/12/2016
paperPaper Blank A4 80gsm Premium 160CIE whiteness rating02/12/201614/12/2016
96484Cement stock bricks & Brick force28/11/201607/12/2016
9648560mm interlocking paving bricks28/11/201607/12/2016
96481 Palisade Panel23/11/201602/12/2016
125496 Toners23/11/201602/12/2016
Cable 111/6.35 kV Cable, PEX, Copper conductor - 185mm2 x 3 core18/11/201629/11/2016
Cable 211/6.35 kV Cable, PEX, Copper conductor - 150mm2 x 3 core18/11/201629/11/2016
Cable 311/6.35 kV Cable, PEX, Copper conductor - 150mm2 x 3 core18/11/201629/11/2016
Cable 411/6.35 kV Cable, PEX, Copper conductor - 150mm2 x 3 core18/11/201629/11/2016
Cable 511/6.35 kV Cable, PEX, Copper conductor - 150mm2 x 3 core18/11/201629/11/2016
Cable 611/6.35 kV Cable, PEX, Copper conductor - 150mm2 x 3 core18/11/201629/11/2016
Cable 711/6.35 kV Cable, PEX, Copper conductor - 150mm2 x 3 core18/11/201629/11/2016
GeneralToilet paper 500 sheets18/11/201629/11/2016
GeneralRefuse bags heavy duty18/11/201629/11/2016
126692Calander flyers and Conference folders14/11/201623/11/2016
122639Facilitator to facilitate municipal strategic planning session from 07 09 December 2016 at Mopani rest camp11/11/201618/11/2016
125447FM 200 fire detection and suppression system including07/11/201615/11/2016
127706Loud hailing in ward31/10/201610/11/2016
127707Tent to accommodate 800 people28/10/201610/11/2016
127178Labour for construction of culvert in makhushane28/10/201607/11/2016
127179Supply of Goods and Services26/10/201603/11/2016
127273Laying of paving bricks ,including compaction and surface preparation26/10/201607/11/2016
Circuit breakers-1Supply of Goods and Services24/10/201610/11/2016
CB-2Supply of Goods and Services24/10/201610/11/2016
CB-3Supply of Goods and Services24/10/201610/11/2016
125015(re-advert)Hire of plant equipment to clear reeds in the stream in Makhushane area near tribal authority24/10/201604/11/2016
125016(re-advert)Hire of plant equipment to clear reeds in the stream in namakgale area in topville24/10/201604/11/2016
Ring Main UnituRing Main Units 11kV24/10/201604/11/2016
126347Manufacturing and installation of double steel door frame and removal of old one24/10/201604/11/2016
126691Branding Banners24/10/201601/11/2016
126346Supply and delivery of 60mm interlocking paving bricks21/10/201602/11/2016
125445Cluster desk mahogany19/10/201631/10/2016
127271Cement stock bricks18/10/201628/10/2016
126348Cement stock bricks18/10/201628/10/2016
127175Pavement blocks pallets for the parking in front of the magistrate court18/10/201626/10/2016
127176Labour requested to construct stone pitch in the culvert Selwane access to cemetery17/10/201624/10/2016
127177Labour requested to construct stone pitch in the culvert Lulekani access to cemetery17/10/201624/10/2016
127272Repair Front TLB AXLE Refit Bearing And Wheel components17/10/201624/10/2016
128044Supply of Goods/Service12/10/201620/10/2016
110435Chlorine Gas Cylinders 70kg11/10/201621/10/2016
125421Plant equipment hire to clear the reeds in the stream at Makhushane area near tribal authority11/10/201621/10/2016
125016Plant equipment hire to clear the reeds in the stream at namakgale area on the bridge to Topville11/10/201621/10/2016
127266Supply of Good/Services11/10/201621/10/2016
12726450mm poly pipe class 1211/10/201621/10/2016
110437Supply of Good/Services11/10/201621/10/2016
110436Removal of sand at anoxic zone tant11/10/201621/10/2016
12726550mm Gate valves11/10/201621/10/2016
125425Supply of Good/Services29/09/201611/10/2016
12542612 000 BTU Eco friendly air conditioners plus installation, pipe kits and brackets29/09/201611/10/2016
125427Supply of Goods/Services29/09/201611/10/2016
12543012 000 BTU Eco friendly air conditioners ,installation, pipe kits and brackets29/09/201611/10/2016
125431Supply of Goods/Services29/09/201611/10/2016
12543736 000 BTU Exco friendly air conditioners ,installation, pipe kits and brackets29/09/201611/10/2016
12544336 000 BTU Eco friendly air conditioners plus installation, pipe kits and brackets29/09/201611/10/2016
115025Litre mamba27/09/201607/10/2016
127263Supply of Goods/Services27/09/201607/10/2016
126316Shutter ply board 12.2427/09/201607/10/2016
128016A4(15) pager newsletter layout and design photo graph .gloss paper and stapled collated finish size 420x297mm .cover power art (gloss) 170 g/m226/09/201607/10/2016
128029A3 photo frame and A4 pictures with background (please see attached )26/09/201607/10/2016
128031Calendar for Cllrs which is laminated size A1 201626/09/201607/10/2016
126239Bitumen Emulsion Sprayer22/09/201629/09/2016
124624PA system as per attached specification21/09/201624/09/2016
128414Bid Committe20/09/201603/10/2016
126334Cement Bricks20/09/201603/10/2016
128415Computer Training20/09/201603/10/2016
128410Dicilplinary Procedure20/09/201603/10/2016
128417Treated Poles20/09/201603/10/2016
128419Hira Training20/09/201603/10/2016
128407MFMA Training20/09/201603/10/2016
128409Municipal Governance Training20/09/201603/10/2016
128418Scaffolidng Training20/09/201603/10/2016
128033Signage on Door20/09/201629/09/2016
128413TLB Operation Training20/09/201603/10/2016
128416Women Leadership Training20/09/201603/10/2016
126341 Supply of 4.2m and 6.0m IBR roof sheets 0.4m Thick20/09/201628/09/2016
126344 Supply and Delivery of 60mm Interlocking Pavers (Grey) at Municipal Lapa20/09/201628/09/2016
126345 Installation of Steal Stairs20/09/201628/09/2016
126338200mm UPVC Pipes 6m16/09/201626/09/2016
126340RFQ for Waiting Rooms16/09/201616/09/2016
127156Stop Signs16/09/201626/09/2016
127158Treated Poles16/09/201626/09/2016
127160Ready Mix16/09/201626/09/2016
Stationery1Stationery Items16/08/201626/09/2016
Traffic 1Traffic16/08/201626/09/2016
Water 1Water16/08/201626/09/2016
WaterRQF for Supply of Goods and Services14/09/201623/09/2016
TentsRQF for Tents14/09/201616/09/2016
GeneralRQF for Supply of Goods and Services14/09/201623/09/2016
ElectricalRQF for Supply of Goods and Services13/09/201621/09/2016
127408Supply of Goods and Services05/09/201610/09/2016
128558Mens Rio29/08/201605/09/2016
128560Rio Netball29/08/201605/09/2016
Chairs and TentsChairs and Tents SAACA29/08/201605/09/2016
126138Pre-Paid Meters25/08/201601/09/2016
126135Traffic Lights23/08/201601/09/2016
127263Gate Valve23/08/201601/09/2016
BreakfastBreakfast for committee SAACA23/08/201601/09/2016
DrawstringDrawstring Bags SAACA23/08/201601/09/2016
Foam Caps SAACAFoam Caps SAACA23/08/201601/09/2016
Industrial Fans SAACAIndustrial Fans SAACA23/08/201601/09/2016
MathsMaths set or Instrument SAACA23/08/201601/09/2016
128029Photos with Frames23/08/201602/09/2016
128027Stage and Sound23/08/201631/08/2016
126293Road Stones17/08/201623/08/2016
126295River Sand17/08/201623/08/2016
126296Emulsion Drums17/08/201623/08/2016
126297CAT 6517/08/201623/08/2016
126298Road Marking Pain17/08/201623/08/2016
126300Road studs17/08/201623/08/2016
126324Palisade Fence Material17/08/201623/08/2016
126294Crusher Dust17/08/201623/08/2016
126284Supply of Good and Services12/08/201624/08/2016
126285Supply of Good and Services12/08/201624/08/2016
126285Supply of Good and Services12/08/201624/08/2016
125422Supply of Good and Services11/08/201615/08/2016
125190Supply of Good and Services11/08/201624/08/2016
125188Water Meter12/08/201622/08/2016
128811Sec 341 from 50151,with the payment details on the customer copy (section D)05/08/201612/08/2016
126289Laying of paving bricks (1200m2) labour only05/08/201612/08/2016
126320Council Tables05/08/201612/08/2016
120950Service and calibration of the weighbridge equipment at road worth centre02/08/201611/08/2016
126130 Purchase of Drainage Pump28/07/201610/08/2016
116081 Quarto Book26/07/201603/08/2016
116078 Book Covers26/07/201603/08/2016
116083 Library Books26/07/201603/08/2016
123184Supply of Goods16/07/201629/07/2016
1277361Actuarial Valuation Report11/07/201621/07/2016
126126Smart Padlocks11/07/201619/07/2016
125481Intergrated Radios15/06/201624/06/2016
125010Lawn Mowers15/06/201624/06/2016
126233 Ready Mix Concrete23/11/201607/06/2016
125182Flexiback Root02/06/201610/06/2016
126123Shaft nut02/06/201610/06/2016
126125Sewage Pump02/06/201610/06/2016
126237Dust Musks02/06/201610/06/2016
Paper White A4Paper White A401/06/201608/06/2016
Refuse BagsRefuse Bags01/06/201608/06/2016
Refuse BagsRefuse Bags01/06/201608/06/2016
125008Brush Cutters baldes27/05/201630/05/2016
126122Grader Blades27/05/201630/05/2016
126230Premix Bags27/05/201630/05/2016
126231Premix Bags27/05/201630/05/2016
126232Premix Bags27/05/201630/05/2016
126234Crusher Dust27/05/201630/05/2016
Meter WaterMeter Water27/05/201630/05/2016
125002TORX Belts20/05/201627/05/2016
125006Brush Cutters20/05/201627/05/2016
126227EPWP Uniform20/05/201627/05/2016
126227Hire TLB20/05/201627/05/2016
128551Medical Surveillance20/05/201627/05/2016
128554Golf Shirts20/05/201627/05/2016
126120Power Analyser16/05/201620/05/2016
126121Traffic lights16/05/201620/05/2016
126799Supply of Goods/ Services16/05/201619/05/2016
125410HB Chairs16/05/201620/05/2016
125410High Back Chair16/05/201620/05/2016
125411HB Chair16/05/201620/05/2016
125415HB Chair16/05/201620/05/2016
125416HB Chair16/05/201620/05/2016
125417Air Conditioner16/05/201620/05/2016
TapeSupply of Goods/ Services12/05/201620/05/2016
Drill SteelDrill Steel12/05/201620/05/2016
125094Ride on Mowers12/05/201620/05/2016
125094Pressure Sprayers12/05/201620/05/2016
125003Lawn Mowers (Honda)12/05/201620/05/2016
116081140743 Quarto Book Support 210mm-Beige12/05/201619/05/2016
125099Organic Food (plant) 5Litre12/05/201619/05/2016
125092Removal of Bees12/05/201619/05/2016
125097Pot Ella12/05/201619/05/2016
126224Pumps Repair12/05/201613/05/2016
126799Supply of Goods/ Services12/05/201616/05/2016
126949TRM bolt12/05/201619/05/2016
128807Road Marking12/05/201619/05/2016
125094Dust Mask Disposable Type12/05/201619/05/2016
125181Root Saw16/05/201618/05/2016
125183Water Meters16/05/201618/05/2016
125136Pre-Paid Meters Split Unit meter PLC Customer Interface Unit (Power rail PLC) Single Phase 80Amp10/05/201618/05/2016
125137Pre-Paid Meters Split Unit meter PLC Customer Interface Unit (Power rail PLC) Single Phase 80Amp10/05/201618/05/2016
 BPM Declaration of Interest10/05/2016 
Cleaning 2Supply and Delivery of Cleaning Material10/05/201618/05/2016
Cleaning 3Supply and Delivery of Cleaning Material10/05/201618/05/2016
Cleaning 1Supply and Delivery of Cleaning Material10/05/201618/05/2016
Files ZipplerSupply and Delivery of Cleaning Material10/05/201618/05/2016
PensSupply and Delivery of Stationery10/05/201618/05/2016
PuncherSupply and Delivery of Puncher10/05/201618/05/2016
Ring binderSupply and Delivery of Ring binder10/05/201618/05/2016
RulerSupply and Delivery of Ruler10/05/201618/05/2016
StapplerSupply and Delivery of Stappler10/05/201618/05/2016
125479Symantec protection suite enterprise06/05/201613/05/2016
128951Professional Internal Audit Services to assist in Executing the Internal Audit plan09/05/201613/05/2016
125471Cisco switch 24 ports 2960 series21/04/201629/04/2016
126087-CamerasPurchase and Installation of Surveillance Cameras at the Municipal Workshop and Traffic Sections15/04/201605/05/2016
123197RFQ: Supply of Goods/Service18/03/201624/03/2016
Fuse 1RFQ: Supply of Goods/Service18/03/201624/03/2016
Joint Kit 1RFQ: Supply of Goods and Service18/03/201624/03/2016
Joint Scotch1RFQ: Supply of Goods and Service18/03/201624/03/2016
Lugs 1RFQ: Supply of Goods and Service18/03/201624/03/2016
Lugs 2RFQ: Supply of Goods and Service18/03/201624/03/2016
Lugs 3RFQ: Supply of Goods and Service18/03/201624/03/2016
SOLVENTRFQ: Supply of Goods and Service18/03/201624/03/2016
ValvesRFQ: Supply of Goods and Service18/03/201624/03/2016
Day Night SwitchRFQ: Supply of Goods and Service18/03/201624/03/2016
House WiresRFQ: Supply of Goods and Service18/03/201624/03/2016
124772Hiring of tent for Marula testing08/02/201618/02/2016
124766Decoration for VIP tent01/02/201610/02/2016
123193Supply of Goods28/01/201608/02/2016
124745Loud hailing for imbizo on 16 wards27/01/201605/02/2016
palisadeaRQF for supply of goods and services22/01/201604/02/2016
126722RQF for supply of goods and services22/01/201604/02/2016
115038Hire of land compactor 23 Ton21/01/201601/02/2016
122309Supply of Stationery20/11/201501/12/2015
115036Supply of waste compactor truck -20.6m3(DGR657 L)18/11/201527/11/2015
126665Tourism brochures12/11/201527/11/2015
126615Accommodation ,venue and meals for 3 days02/11/201512/11/2015
124925Advertisement for post13/10/201530/10/2015
125846Supply of goods13/10/201523/10/2015
126947RQF for supply of goods and services21/09/201530/09/2015
125072Supply of goods21/09/201530/09/2015
126010Accommodation with meals ,flight and shuttle from Phalaborwa to Durban and return19/08/201501/09/2016
126351RQF for supply of goods and services17/08/201526/08/2015
119500Sound and stage during women's day celebration on 22 august18/05/201520/08/2015
123320National certificate: information technology :end users computing id 49077 NQF Level 3(130 credits) training20/07/201530/07/2015
125253Declaration of Interest04/02/201513/02/2015
125255Request for Quotation04/02/201513/02/2015



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